She Said “YES”!

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Congratulations to Kodie! 


Kodie’s appointment with our bridal consultant Cheryl was so much fun
and found the perfect gown for her May 2018 wedding to Matthew. XOXO

And she wrote a wonderful Yelp review! Love our brides!

Thank you Kodie!

Are you ready for your bridal appointment at Mira Bridal Couture?  

Call us today at 209-338-9333 or follow this link to request your appointment date and time. 


The Best Way to Buy Your Wedding Dress

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By Lauren Frankfort and Erin Celletti via

For many brides, one of the first (and most exciting!) wedding tasks they want to tackle is finding the dress. It’s a magical moment and it’s tempting to jump right in! We totally get it. But with so many shopping options, even figuring out where to buy wedding dresses can get overwhelming. Before you decide where to buy your gown, there are two key things to consider:


1. Your Budget. Once you know you’ve got, say, $2,000 to spend, you can figure out which stores carry gowns at that price point.


2. Your Venue. No matter how gorgeous the dress, what works at one venue won’t necessarily work at another. A goddess dress on a sunny Cali beach? Perfection. A cleavage-flaunting fit-and flare in a Baptist church? Not so much.


Now that that’s out of the way, it’s a question of shopping style. Figuring out the best places to buy wedding dresses depends on how you like to shop. For some brides, online is the way to go, while most want the traditional experience of a bridal salon. 


At Mira Bridal Couture, we pride ourselves on being friendly and helpful with all of our brides, no matter how small their needs might be. There are no secrets here, just open, honest and caring professionals wanting to help you in any way possible. Come by and feel what the best service in the industry is like. You won’t be disappointed!



At Mira Bridal Couture, we think finding the perfect dress should be a warm and cozy experience. We want you to kick off your heels and stay awhile.  We’ve done our job if you leave our boutique feeling like you just met some great new friends, and found the perfect dress along the way.  We realize your dress is not the only part of your wedding, so although our gowns range from $900-$4,000, we do our best to keep our average price around $1,500. 



For more visit these links.



What It’s Really Like to Shop for a Wedding Dress as a Size 14

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By Jennie Runk via

Image by @Photomuse

Shopping for a wedding dress as a size 14 is no cakewalk. Just ask model and advocate Jennie Runk, who married the love of her life, Andria, in October 2016 while wearing a stunning figure-hugging gown. But finding that perfect wedding dress was no easy feat. Here, Jennie details her own less-than-perfect experience.


I’m one of the most confident people I know. But I haven’t always been confident in my own skin. Growing up, I was always taller and bigger than the girls (and most of the boys) my age. I’ve been fortunate that modeling for over the past 10 years has given me the opportunity to really accept my body for everything it is: big, curvy, and beautiful.


However, leaving my first wedding dress appointment—preparing for one of the happiest days of my life—I’ve almost never felt worse about my body.


Living in New York City, I expected to have seemingly unlimited options for a wedding dress. This is one of the fashion capitals of the world, right? But in going into the first bridal boutique, I was astounded to find that they had nothing that would fit me. At a size 14 (the average size of American women, by the way), I was unable to fit into the boutique’s sample sizes of 6 or 8. The saleswoman was very sweet and tried to be accommodating—putting me in bigger skirts and holding the top of a smaller dress up to my bust to get an idea for what a larger dress might look like—but ordering a dress you’ve never tried on before for one of the biggest days of your life was something I just wasn’t ready to do.


The second boutique I visited in New York was an even bigger disaster. I felt like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. I told the saleswoman the vision I had for my dream dress and she looked me up and down and said, “We don’t have anything like that in your size.” I was floored. So I walked right out of there, thinking to myself that she’d made a big mistake in not helping me.


Now, I’ve never been much of a shopper. Growing up, I was always more interested in the next Stephen King novel than going to the mall. But shopping for my wedding dress was different. I was looking forward to it! As a model, I’ve learned to be comfortable and confident in my own skin. I’m a proud plus-size woman with big, beautiful curves! But leaving two appointments not only without a gown, but without being able to try anything my size on, was completely defeating. I couldn’t imagine what plus-size women with lower self-esteem than mine were experiencing.


I was about to resign myself to ordering a gown from the first boutique. The saleswoman was very sweet, and I liked the idea of what the gown would look like. But, of course, I couldn’t try it on in my size until after it was purchased. I just didn’t want to shop anymore. Any fun that was supposed to come from wedding dress shopping had been sucked out by stores failing to carry a wider selection of sample sizes. It’s not like they weren’t available; the stores just didn’t carry them.


On a trip home to Missouri, my mom and sister convinced me to try shopping again. I was not interested in putting myself in a position to feel miserable about my body again, but still wasn’t happy with the options I’d found in NYC. I finally agreed to give St. Louis shopping a try.


To my delight, Maiden Voyage Bridal in Manchester, Missouri, was completely different. I described my dream dress to the saleswoman and she seemed to get it instantly. The onsite seamstress was able to open up any dress I wanted so I could actually try on the dresses to see what the final product would look like. To this day, I don’t understand why every store doesn’t do this. It seemed like just part of their process to take the sample dresses apart and then sew them back together. That’s what they’re there for, right?


With some slight tweaking and pulling together the right accessories, I fell in love with a gown and never wanted to take it off!

Image by @Photomuse

I’m thrilled with my wedding dress (and even spent much less money than I expected!), but getting there was such a discouraging process. The fashion industry has done such a great job of moving toward inclusivity for all sizes, but in my experience, much of the bridal industry hasn’t caught up yet. I wish designers included a larger range of sample sizes to send to bridal shops, which would have made my experience—and that of so many other women—much more positive. Just because you’re a size 14, or 22, or even a size 2, doesn’t mean that the experience of shopping for your wedding dress should be any less special than someone who fits into the sample sizes of 6 or 8.


My advice? Call the boutiques before venturing out to see if the stores have wedding dress options in your size. Someday soon, I hope to see every bridal boutique carry a wider range of sample sizes. But until then, set yourself up for success by just calling ahead.


Jennie Runk, an American model represented by New York’s JAG Models, has graced the cover of fashion magazines and starred in H&M summer swimwear campaign. Born in Georgia and raised in Missouri, Jennie was discovered in a Petsmart while volunteering for a cat adoption service. A proud (and recently married!) member of the LGBTQ community, Jennie is passionate about inclusion and empowerment for all people. Considered plus-size by the fashion industry, Jennie will be starring in the Straight/Curve documentary where she’ll share her compelling perspective on the future of her industry.

She said “YES”!

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Congratulations Michelle!

Such a fun evening helping you find your gown. You are going to look AMAZING for your March 2018 wedding! XO #mirasbride


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You won’t believe these prices!

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Our sale is bigger than it has ever been and now is your chance to


All sale is an additional 1/2 off!

Yes, that is right, take an additional 1/2 off already marked down prices.

Just a few samples below.

Take an extra 1/2 off the prices listed below, through September 30, 2017.

Call to book your appointment, 209.338.9333 or follow this link to request a date and time online.





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She Said “YES”!

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YAY! Angela was so much fun.

Cristy helped her find the perfect gown

for her 2018 wedding. 

Congratulations Angela. Travis is one lucky guy!


She Said “YES”!

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Congratulations to one of our most recent brides,

Taylor. She said “YES” to her dress. 

Taylor’s sister, Ashley is a #MirasBride too! Ashley was married 2 years ago.


5 Things Bridal Salon Owners Want You to Know Before Your Appointment

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Please, please don’t bring your morning latte into the salon.
by Ivy Jacobson
There are things you need to know before going wedding dress shopping at your local bridal salon—like limit your entourage and always make an appointment—and then there are things that you may not be aware of that bridal shop owners really want you to know as well. Follow our guide to displaying the best etiquette before and during your bridal salon appointment.

1. Be respectful of your appointment time.
Many bridal salons are by appointment only or have designated walk-in times for a reason. Your bridal consultant wants to be able to completely focus on finding the perfect dress for you, but if you’re late to your appointment or are a no-call no-show, this can throw things off. You may get charged a fee for not showing up, or you may have to accept a shorter appointment window and reschedule for another since consultants don’t want to then have another customer’s appointment time delayed. If you know you can’t make your appointment, be respectful to everyone’s time and call as far in advance as you can and reschedule for the next best time.
2. The salon may not be able to serve you and your squad celebratory champagne.
Although lots of bridal salons do offer a glass of bubbly for you and your entourage to celebrate choosing your dress, not every salon can pop a bottle. If the owner doesn’t have a permit or license to serve it (it can vary based on the county and state laws) you may have to go to a restaurant to toast after.

3. Be respectful of the bridal salon’s furniture.
Bridal salons often have lots of sofas and chairs to make your entourage comfortable while you try on dresses. But many shop owners see friends and family members getting a little too comfortable and putting their feet on furniture or taking their shoes off if they’re there for awhile. It’s important for everyone to know that they’re not in their own living room, as welcoming and gracious as the bridal salon is.

4. Don’t bring in food or drinks that could damage the gowns or the salon’s furniture.
We definitely recommend making a fun day out of dress shopping with your friends or family members, like having lunch together after dress shopping. Just don’t try to combine the two activities and bring any food or beverages into the shop. Even if you think a small bag of chips is innocuous enough, shop owners are concerned about greasy fingers touching and potentially damaging fabric. Iced or hot beverages in to-go cups could spill or leave rings on furniture in the salon. Bottled water is usually fine, but leave anything else to be eaten after shopping or outside.

5. Children should never be left unsupervised in the bridal salon.
Kids are adorable—but if they’re left unattended in a bridal salon, you may have a higher bill on your hands than you thought. Your bridal consultant doesn’t double as a babysitter, so if you bring your child to your appointment, it could be a gamble unless you know for sure that they’ll sit still and behave. In that case, it’s best to bring along someone who can watch them. Otherwise, you and your consultant will be too busy to make sure your child is okay and behaving while left unsupervised—so if they end up adding a little color to a wedding dress with crayons, you’ll likely be purchasing an extra dress. Some bridal salons are adults-only in the first place, and will say so on their website or tell you when you book your appointment.

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Now Hiring!

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When a bride finds “THE ONE,” there are often cheers, tears and applause.  Mira Bridal Couture is more than a job.  We are in the business of making people happy.  We create exceptional memories for our clients every day!

Have you ever wanted to help make dreams come true. Well here’s your chance. Mira Bridal Couture is accepting applications for a team member to join our amazing staff of dedicated and enthusiastic sales consultants. Our goal is to make our brides dreams come true.  Join our Team!  Mira Bridal Couture is seeking team members to fill the following positions:


Bridal Consultant:

Brides choose Mira Bridal Couture because of:

– The experience we create

– Our award winning customer service

– Our extensive selection

– Our charming atmosphere

Most brides learn about Mira Bridal Couture from friends, family, co-workers, and our previous brides.  This is because of the team members we select to join our family.  We hold our team members to the highest standards because our clients deserve the very best.  YOU are Mira Bridal Couture!


We are currently interviewing Sales Professionals with open availability.

– Are you energetic and fun with a sense of humor?

– Do you naturally engage others in conversation?

– Do you adapt well to all personality types?

– Are you detail oriented?

Responsibilities include:

– Developing warm, trust based relationships with our clients

– Follow-up with clients and set appointments

– Lead clients through the decision making process and overcome objections

– Ensuring clients enjoy their MBC experience over all others by offering extraordinary customer service

– Participating in our weekly sales meeting focused on personal and professional growth

– Complete on-going sales training to keep skills fresh

Job Requirements:

– Previous high-end/luxury sales experience is preferred.

– Position is fast paced and consists of constant standing/walking and lifting up to 35 lbs.


If you are the perfect candidate for our team, please email your resume to with the words “I love to sell” in the message section so I know you have read this posting and will take this opportunity seriously.  Remember – this position requires OPEN AVAILABILITY to work any and all hours needed. We contact job applicants via email, so please watch your inbox!

We look forward to meeting you soon, and hopefully, you are the next to join #teammirabridal!

If you are interested in joining our team of consultants, please email your resume to


Mother of the Bride Writes Offensive Letter About Daughter’s Maid of Honor

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Mother of the Bride Writes Offensive Letter About Daughter’s Maid of Honor
By Evelyn Wang via Brides Magazine
Published on September 11, 2017
Please never do this.

Weddings have been known to compel even the sweetest, cuddliest people to say some pretty questionable things, but what one mom wrote about her daughter’s maid of honor is completely unforgivable. In a Dear Prudence column from last week, the mother of a bride wrote in with a question that had us super worried for the well-being of Twitter user Nicole Cliffe, who prefaced it with, “I am no longer of this earth. This letter has killed me.”
The supremely unclassy and deeply (deeply!) offensive letter started off fine, and then quickly swerved into the territory of Momzilla-levels unheard of:

Luckily, Slate agony aunt Mallory Ortberg was quick to shut it down, being high in hilarity and low in B.S.-tolerance:
A: I am having a hard time wrapping my mind around this letter. I encourage you to reread it and to ask yourself that time-honored question, “Do I sound like a villain in a Reese Witherspoon movie?” You are, presumably, sympathetic to your own situation and are invested in making sure that you come across as reasonable and as caring as possible, and yet you have written a letter indicting yourself at every turn. This girl is “like a daughter” to you, and yet you want to shove her to the side of your other daughter’s wedding just because she walks with a limp. Your daughter’s wedding will be perfect with Katie as a full and honored member of the bridal party. A limp is not a fly in the ointment; it’s a part of Katie’s life. It is not only wrong to have asked your daughter to consider excluding her best friend over this—it is ableist, and cruel, and it speaks to a massive failure of empathy, compassion, and grace on your part. You must and should apologize to your daughter immediately, and I encourage you to profoundly reconsider the orientation of your heart.
We don’t blame her daughter for wanting nothing to do with her mum. Of course, the letter’s ridiculousness sent several Twitter users into a spiral of rage and confusion.

Read more here